Grabbing the attention of busy journalists is not an easy task.  With the correct press release containing all the key messages, facts, figures, quotes and an attention grabbing headline can make the process just a little bit easier.

Here's out Top Ten tips:

1. Don’t state the obvious. The cardinal sin of press release writing is the use of ‘I am thrilled/delighted’ in the quote.  Instead use the quote for a key message which is best to delivered with a human touch.

2. Get the main message across in ten words or less. Make sure the first sentence communicates the most important information.

3. Don’t be subjective. It’s not for you to say something is innovative or not, let the facts speak for themselves.

4. Don’t over punctuate. The sentence should be interesting enough in its own right without punctuation marks.

5. Write in the third person. Apart from the quotes of course.

6. Check for accuracy. Put your best foot forward with press releases and don’t let any errors creep in.

7. Be precise. If you are quoting an amount, say how much exactly.

8. Honesty. Tell the truth and never fake any facts or numbers. 

9. Highlight. Summarise up to three key messages and support them with relevant data. 

10. Headline. Include a punchy headline that intrigues journalists to find out more about the release. If your headline is boring, journalists will get turned off immediately.

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