Good communication can be the golden ticket to success for an SME who have a requirement to let people know of their product or service that can lead to sales and in time loyal customers.

PR these days is not just a nice article in a local newspaper but about establishing and building upon reputations.  This can be achieved in a number of ways including a strategic approach to media relations, social media and stakeholder management and engaging with bloggers and digital influencers – all important when potential customers are researching their purchases online.

We now access news from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as newspapers and broadcasters and businesses should be factoring in to their PR strategy which medium will work best for their audiences.

Whether you’ve a new product or service to promote, a new business or award win, improving your organisations reputation or indeed positioning a key staff member as a thought leader there are multiple opportunities for a business to get noticed. 

Cost will play a massive part in deciding whether a small business can afford PR.  While many businesses won’t have the resources in-house to manage their PR or online reputation, an Independent PR practitioner can play a key role for the business.

A PR agency traditionally have high-over heads and eye-watering fees but there are a number of Chartered Independent or Freelancers PRs who are at the top of their game, a few award-wins under their belt and are highly experienced.  It doesn't matter what sector the business is in, a good PR will be able to apply their skills. Independent PRs can work on a retainer, a once-off piece of work or ad-hoc basis as and when you need them.

Successful PR is impactful and from the very beginning can help a business build, gain and retain momentum!

Even in times of crisis, effective PR can not only save reputations but can mitigate disaster and help turn a bad situation around.

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